FAQ-shaker signs-Sacramento

Allow us to answer your questions about our shaker signs, arrow shaped signs and our Sacramento location here on this page. Below are some of our frequently asked questions. And if you do not see your question listed please give us a call today.

Design Related Questions.
• How much does design services cost for my arrow shaped sign?
Spot color design is $25 and full-color design is $45. Reprinting a previous order is done at no charge unless there are changes to the previous part file. If the change does not that the layout of the design is only $10 to update the art for your shaker sign.

What is the difference between spot color and full-color design?
Spot color printing is a process where we take colored vinyl and cut out your message and art into shapes and apply it to the arrow shaped corrugated plastic board. This is a great way to save since we offer this at a lower price point. Spot color arrow shaped signs come in two colors for you to choose from. And additional colors are available at an additional fee. This is great if you just have a quick message for example now leasing, annual clearance sale. Basically, any message that you want to display on your arrow shaped sign that does not need to display an image printed in full-color.

Full-color design: this is best and a favorite among restaurants and other locations that have items that they want to display to encourage passerby’s go inside their location for example if you’re a pizza restaurant showing a appeasing image of a large pizza and a cold drink can convey your message faster and encourage others to come into your location than just a simple printed message. People eat with their eyes first. So let one of our talented designers create an advertising message for your business. Wha cot sizes for shaker signs are available?
Are your sizes perfectly accurate?
Can I have a custom size created?
I have an idea for a sign and want to use other materials, can you do this for me?
Do you offer shipping for your signs?
I need to order regular signs as well. Can I order them through your website?